Our offer

Rudhäll Industri offers components, service and logistics solutions for the manufacturing industry.
The combination of our own production and assembly and our broad supplier base gives us unique and
cost efficient solutions to your needs.


We work with both local, regional and global suppliers. Our supplier network gives us a unique opportunity to find the right solution for you. We want to be involved early in your process to be able to offer the right solutions within our specialist area.

Production & Assambly

We specialize in cutting machining and our expertise and capacity is in automatic turning. We process steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and plastic. In our assembly department, we can carry out both simple and complicated projects. 

Solutionist = Problem solver

You have a problem that you need help with. Through our network, we have specialists in most areas related to your production and can therefore help you. We will find solutions to your problems. We are your Solutionist.