Our customers have high demands on sustainability in the supply chain and they choose suppliers based on an overall assessment of both direct and indirect costs. Our ambition is to be able to meet the market's high demands on quality, delivery, flexibility and cost efficiency.

We also add customer value through our local presence in combination with our coordinated and efficient transports, which means that we can have more positive effects for the environment and society than if the customers themselves took care of their purchases.

Being part of the Bufab Group gives us a greater opportunity to make demands on our suppliers and guarantee that they live up to our requirements for environmental considerations, health and safety, human rights and other social conditions in their production, which are found in our code of conduct for suppliers.

Rudhäll Industri are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Sustainable Leadership

The Bufab group has achieved sustainable growth thanks to our goal of always putting quality and the customer first.